Sunset on Mars

by You I Am

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released April 28, 2015



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You I Am Albuquerque, New Mexico

Welcome to a new era.

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Track Name: Land of Entrapment (Prod. C&N)
Verse 1:
She's barely 14, single mother, tryna pray,
wish she knew what he was saying, wasn't true, its all a game,
Nowadays, plantin seeds, say I love you, it's a scheme,
to getting laid, and if she pregnant then they turn and run away,
And so she dying, knowin that she coulda turned away,
instead she 8 months pregnant, got a baby on the way
And everyday that she be livin she don't have enough to give it,
So she's been wading through the critics, in the land of entrapment

In the land of entrapment (x3)

Verse 2:
His wife pregnant so they crossed last week,
To give a better life to newer life in the land of the free,
A couple months pass, and now he got a job pulling weeds,
and in a couple weeks, he's gonna have enough for them to eat,
But he's self conscious, aware of where he be walking,
He doesn't speak in they language, so he's speaking with caution,
But it don't matter, when he sees those blue lights inside his rear view, and prays that his wife will find refuge in the land of entrapment


Verse 3:
Going home a couple minutes, driving slow abiding limits,
got her kids inside the civic with her, dreams of leaving town will lift her,
soul until she swerves from his direction on the road,
a second later broken glass, and burning tires, losing hope,
Inside a wreckage, created by a man drinking sin away,
and speeding down the interstate, his second DUI to date,
Gone, a family growing wings to freedom, going home,
not their own, they were finally leaving land of entrapment


Verse 4:
He's a product of the system, that had locked him up in prison,
now he's livin on these streets and wishing he could find assistance, instead he's trapped, inside a city, tryna get some medication,
or street corner meditation, waiting on a revelation,
God, he's praying that somebody else'll take him,
cause the schizophrenia that he's been living with will break him,
Until that cold dark day, he's shot and killed by the system
that had jailed and freed him, never tried to treat him in the land of entrapment

Track Name: Regrets (Prod. Skiddy Daze)
Verse 1:
If I'm honest, I got shit on my chest,
A couple demons that are buried in the flip of my breath
When I was younger, I was told to never live with regrets,
But here I am, 26yrs, a couple lost checks,
And now I'm wishing, I had a chance to live it again,
I wish I never started rappin, wish I didn't pretend, that I had loved it on the outside, and never saw an end, when I was writing I had reasons to be dying within,
When the ones I loved avoided anything that I said
And the ones who never knew me started calling it a sin
Who you think I really turned to, the music was a binge, like an angel and a demon, I was cursed with a gift,
And I used it, to open up my mind, let em judge me when I rhyme and slowly transgress the lines,
In the meantime, my fam heard it from the outside, from other people, I regret it all the time

Verse 2:
I got a couple lost feelings that are buried in dirt, covered in hopes of opportunity, that lay in the earth,
That is my soul, thick with embers, sticks and feathers on a perch,
High above the distant weather, liftin levers in my search,
For a, love lost, eternally I be grateful, but, I wish I could seen it sooner than later,
I wish I knew what you were saying when you said it wasn't meant to be, instead of holding on to something I could only dream,
And so I wish that all this pain would disintegrate, and regret the way I handled all the bitter weight,
And through it all, I tried escaping from reality, and in due time I saw the bearings of the tragedy,
That we created, but regardless, I can say it, I regretted how I acted, and I wish I could replace it
But I can't, and that's the shit you live and you learn, yet if you need me, please believe, still your friend in return.